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Alegent Health Alegent Health Care Clinic located in Omaha, Nebraska named one of the "Best Places to Work" in Omaha has not always been this way. A couple of years ago the company consisted of about 8,900 employees to include physicians within their 200 locations. The turnover rate was 24 percent and this cost the company roughly $15 million a year. After realizing that the HR department need some "acute care treatment" Alegent began forming an employee-retention task force. Since the task force has come in and made changes the turnover rate has dropped significantly. So how did Alegent's practices match with the recommended retention practices covered in Chapter 5 and why was Alegent's broad-based approach to the nursing retention …show more content…

the scholarship program serves as a tuition payment program which is offered to nursing students who are offered employment within Alegent's Acute Care and Senior Health Clinic in exchange for tuition payment which is forgiven over 3 years of full time (Riley-Nocita, 2003). The Nurse Refresher Course (training) is for nurses who have been out of the health care setting for five years. The career advancement program

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