Alex Hribal Stabbings

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On April, 9th in Pittsburgh, PA, student Alex Hribal, 16, brought two 10 inch knives to school. Alex stabbed twenty-one students and also the schools adult security guard. County Detectives got a warrant to search the Hribal home. It was known that Alex was a gamer, there was several gaming items taken from him home (Gittens).But the most strange thing on the list is a very common kitchen item: A Chicago Cutlery wooden block knife holder with two of the knives missing. He is being charged as an adult. According to Crimesider Staff/AP the sophomore was being originally charged with four counts of attempted homicide, but 17 more counts have been added. He is now being charged with 21 counts of aggravated assault, and also four counts of homicide. Alex’s lawyer, has said “his client has no history of mental health problems, has not been in trouble with the law and does not smoke marijuana or drink”(Connor). Alex’s peers say that he was a quiet, smart kid that was not bullied. A different peer said "He was somewhat friendly,and smart. Also that he had friends,and didn't seem to be bullied and also that he didn’t seem like a mean kid." Detectives said that there was threatening phone calls to two unknown students before the attack. The call told the two boys that he was going to "f--- them up," according to AP. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said "I don't know of those phone calls. I don't know where they came from. I assume that they'll trace those calls to some cell phone."
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