Criminological Perspectives and a Fatal Stabbing

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The article “Man Charged in Birthday Party Fatal Stabbing Held on $1.5M,” written by Peter Nickeas and Carlos Sadovi for the Chicago Tribune, details a homicide that occurred at a birthday party. At the birthday party, Adan Montano, a thirty-seven year-old man, attacked Stephanie Serrano, a nineteen year-old girl, with a butcher knife. Earlier in the evening, before the attack occurred, Montano was reportedly acting strange and belligerent (citation here). It was at this point in the evening when Montano began to bother the females at the party. One of these bothersome incidents included brushing his teeth with a household cleaning product. Montano was asked to stop but he refused. After being asked to remove himself from the party Montano got violent, punching a male in the back. This person retaliated by punching Montano in the mouth. The attack occurred as the party was ending. Serrano and the man who had had a physical altercation with Montano were walking out of the party to a porch when Montano came at them with the knife and tried to stab them. Serrano tried to flee Montano’s attack, like the male she was with, but she fell and was stabbed, “multiple times, [in] her face, arm, hands, and…heart” (citation here). After the attack Montano fled the scene.
Serrano was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead. Later, Montano walked into a police station with injuries to his head claiming that he had been jumped by gang members. At the station, Montano was recognized through

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