Alexander Graham Bell Has Changed The Way Our World

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Alexander Graham Bell

Have you ever thought about life what life was like when communication was hard? If you were far away from someone you would either have to write or walk, and both of those would take a long time to get a message somewhere. The introduction of the telephone changed the way our world worked. If you have used a phone anytime in your life, and almost everyone has, you need to thank the creator, Alexander Graham Bell. Alexander Graham Bell has changed the way our world works, thanks to his many famous and important inventions.
On March 3, 1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland, Alexander Bell, the teacher of the deaf and Scottish-born American inventor was born. Alexander’s middle name “Graham” was not added until he was about ten years old. He added his middle name because he also wanted one like his brothers. His father gave him his middle name as his birthday present. He was the middle child and both of his brothers passed away from tuberculosis later in his life. Tuberculosis is a fatal disease that attacks the lungs. His grandfather was an elocution professor and his father was an expert on elocution and the mechanics of the voice. Elocution is the art of public speaking. He was homeschooled for most of his life by his mother and he got one year of schooling at a private school and two years at Edinburgh High School.
His mother was nearly deaf and was a very talented piano player and painter which inspired him to do big things in his lifetime. Bell also knew
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