Alfred Gilm An Amazing Scientist Who Saved Countless Lives.

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Alfred Gilman, developer the first stages of chemotherapy in the 1940s, changed the world of medicine through advanced cancer treatments. When Gilman was young, he enjoyed studying science as well as music. He spent many years teaching and writing after his discoveries as a scientist. Alfred Gilman will be remembered as an amazing scientist who saved countless lives.
Part I: Alfred Gilman
Alfred Gilman was an ingenious man who enjoyed making discoveries and science. Gilman was born on February 5, 1908 in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Gilman’s mother did not work, but his father owned a music store in Bridgeport. This started Gilman 's love of music and his creative mindset. Gilman went to college at Yale University in Connecticut where he …show more content…

Alfred Gilman’s work in World War II, gave way new roads to medical discoveries in cancer research. In 1942, Yale signed a contract with the Office of Scientific Research and Development to research chemical warfare agents. Louis Goodman and Alfred Gilman were assigned the study of nitrogen mustards and how they could be used against American troops. During the study, nitrogen mustards were found to decrease experimental lymphoma in mice. Using these studies, Gilman persuaded Gustaf E. Lindskog to supervise a clinical trial on a patient with lymphosarcoma. The nitrogen mustards were found to have as dramatic effect as on the mice. This study proved that tumor growth showed a response to chemotherapy. Gilman 's discoveries in World War II proved new medical discoveries and cancer cures(Ritchie).
Part II: Chemotherapy Functions Chemotherapy drugs have many functions, side effects, and positive outcomes when used to treat cancer. Chemotherapy is used to treat many different kinds of cancer, such as breast cancer, lymph cancer, and leukemia(McKay 28). It is very systematic, sweeping through every cell in your body, but only damaging fast growing cells such as hair follicles. (Lyss 16). Chemotherapy drugs makes the human body a terrible place for cancer cells by blocking hormones (McKay 15).
Although chemotherapy has many positive outcomes, it also has many unpleasant side effects. Side

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