Alienation In A Rose For Emily

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“ A Rose for Emily”: Death By the Community In “A Rose For Emily,” William Faulkner portrays how crippling alienation and slanderous gossip transform Emily Grierson into an unstable necrophile and murderer. The townspeople regard Miss Emily as a symbol of their dignified past, but become overcritical and apathetic towards her as events unfold. Even though Miss Emily is highly thought of, women in the community display little sympathy or compassion after the death of her father, a reaction that ultimately negatively impacts her ability to behave within an ordinary civilization. However, when the townspeople show a blatant disregard for Emily, they fail to recognize that she is damaged and deranged. They do not consider her feelings in the disastrous life around her, and even exclaim , “... it would be the best thing” if she killed herself (Faulkner). The townspeople discard her as a lost cause, allowing her to harbor the detrimental feelings she has towards the loss of her father. Although many may argue that Miss Emily’s actions are caused by a mental disorder, the townspeople’s apathy, neglect, and inability to recognize her true feelings are the real cause of her scandalous actions. In Miss Emily's early life, Miss Emily's father pushes everybody away from her because of his arrogance. In her father's eyes, nobody is suitable for her traditional figure that her family upholds. The townspeople believes that the Griersons family sees themselves as much too important,
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