Alistair Speir: A Narrative Fiction

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A young girl, looking to be about the age of seven, ran through the log cabin with a small dog chasing her, yapping loudly. Her giggling made her father smile tenderly and, to the child’s surprise, snatched her up and held her close to him. She wrapped her short arms around her father’s neck and received a kiss on the forehead in reply. The mutt jumped up, leaning on the man’s legs for support as it stood on its hind legs. Its tail wagged excitedly, showing that it was in a playful mood at the time being. The girl’s father set her down on the floor and the dog licked her face, making her shy away slightly before hugging the dog’s neck. “Hey, papa?” The little girl said, petting the dog slowly as she called out to her father.…show more content…
“Alistair Speir, immigrant from Haglea, came here by ship two months prior.” “How do you know all that?” Alistair questioned demandingly, looking up at the royalty with a new found anger growing from fear. Szilvia glared down at him with her third, blind eye, a low growl in her throat nearly inaudible. Kyra understood all too well what was happening and she pitied the fool beneath her. “Kyra,” Queen Szilvia grabbed the elf’s attention, without bothering to lower her stare. “Teach him what happens when you look the queen in the eye.” Kyra bowed her head respectfully before turning back to Alistair. “Hold him still, please” Kyra said in deceiving honey tones, the guards themselves slightly terrified by the gleam in her crystal blue eyes. They obeyed her order though this only caused Alistair to become more unsettled. The elven raised her left hand to trace light patterns under the man’s right eye, dragging her fingertips across his rough skin. Then with a swift motion, she jabbed him in the eye with two of her fingers, twisting them violently within the eye socket. Both Alistair and the guards were shocked by the brutal action displayed by such a lovely
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