All 71 Refugees Crammed Into The Dark, Confined Space,

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All 71 refugees crammed into the dark, confined space, hoping that soon they would see the light of Austria. The back door slammed shut, and they felt the truck take off. The bumps on the roads started to intensify. Fidgeting and moaning worsened the claustrophobic feeling, so they remained still and silent, trying to sleep through the rough journey. The rusty ventilation fan that provided limited air supply continued to make grating sounds. This all made sleeping much more difficult. The tiny light bulb, which provided their only source of light, continued to flicker like a mini strobe light. In each momentary snippet of blackness, they all died a little, only to come alive again in the next shallow burst of glimmer.

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As he looked around, he realized no one cared about his previous stature and authority. The bombing of his town replayed in his mind on repeat. With his town reduced to rubble, he sadly acknowledged that he was now reduced to the mayor of nothing.

As time passed, the impatient mayor couldn’t take it anymore. He impulsively pushed past the rows of refugees to the front of the truck. Banging on the wall which separated them from the driver, he yelled, “Let us out!”

The driver angrily shouted back, “This is not a 5-star luxury cruise! Shut up and wait till we get there!” Unmoved, he apathetically lit another cigarette and continued driving.

The mayor was embarrassed by his failed attempt. He walked back with his head down.

Moments later, the container became unusually silent. The engineer knew something was wrong. He looked around, and as his eyes gazed towards the fan, he noticed that the fan was not moving. It was neither blowing out air, nor making a sound. As he continued to stare at the fan, others started to notice. Then, everybody knew. Panic ensued as refugees screamed and cried, and feared that they would die within minutes. Groups of people forcefully pounded the back door, trying to get out. Arguments and small fights formed. In a matter of seconds, the container turned into an arena.

The mayor couldn’t stand watching friends and family bickering. He

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