All About The School Is A Public And A Community Based School Essay

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Task 2 Question 2.1 All About the School Linksfield Primary School is a public and a community based school where students’ most important needs are cared for so that they can in turn achieve excellence, originality, creativity and a knowledge of positive values. Linksfield Primary School holds approximately 700 boys and girls, spread over a Reception Year and Primary School. There are approximately 35 students per class whom are either male or female. The students of Linksfield Primary School come from different nationality and cultural backgrounds such as, Chinese, Greek, English, Zulu, Italian and many more. Its doors remain open to everyone, greeting and introducing widely diverse communities to share in its value-driven, universal education. Linksfield Primary consists of mostly low to middle-income families who live in the Edenvale and Bedfordview area. However, families from Sandton and Germiston do insist on their children being in Linksfield Primary School due to the schools good reviews as well as for their increase of use in technology. There are many children with disabilities in Linksfield Primary such as learning weaknesses consisting of, dyslexia. Furthermore, they do have a Speech and Occupational Therapy facility for those children who may require extra therapy. After spending an incredible 10 days of observation of the class, I got to know a little bit about what the Primary school has to offer. Linksfield Primary withholds vibrant and happy qualities.
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