All Humans Are Monsters. That Is Not A Good Thing Or Bad

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All humans are monsters.
That is not a good thing or a bad thing.
What makes a monster?

Dangerous. Monsters may harm, kill, destroy.
Irrational; unintelligible. The emotions and actions of monsters go beyond the supposed human range, and so are difficult to relate to from a human perspective.
Inhuman. Monsters lie outside tidy concepts of what counts as human.
Unnatural. Monsters don’t fit into categories. We break boundaries.
Overwhelmingly powerful. Monsters are not just other—they are bigger than we think we are.
Simultaneously repulsive and attractive. Monsters are disgusting, impure, hideous—and yet mesmerizing, beautiful, awesome.
None of these needs to be a problem—apart from destructiveness. That is something we need to come to grips

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