All My Life, I Wanted to be a Dress Designer...and I am a Male

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Imagine a situation where a boy wants to be a dress-designer. Describe his ambitions and the reactions of other people. Ever since I was five years old, I had wanted to be a dress-designer. I used to look at magazines such as Elle and Vogue in great awe. Most people clothes, I saw art and the passion of the designers poured onto the fabric. I started drawing my ideas for when I would grow up and have models wear the clothes I designed. One day I decided to show these designs to my parents. My mother was speechless and I assumed I had impressed her but my father frowned and forbade me from drawing clothes. I, however, could not let go of my addiction. I showed these designs to my friends in elementary school. They stared in great awe. …show more content…

How does she always know what I want? “Everything alright, honey?” she asked, brushing my hair through with her hand. “More or less,” I muttered as I stuffed a cookie into my mouth. “Tell me, Zach, do you really love designing clothes?” she inquired. I paused looking at her with uncertainty. Looking back I realized she was the only adult who had not forced me to stay away from designing. “Yeah, but I guess it doesn’t really matter,” I replied. “Of course it does!” she exclaimed. “I never wanted to be a doctor. I wanted to be an author but everyone told me it was stupid and I would never make much money. I’m going to tell you something important, Zach. This is your life and if you don’t take full advantage of that fact, you’ll regret it more than anything else. I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of following your dreams.” “But what about what everyone else says?” I asked. “Darling, it is none of their business what you do with your life,” she said smiling. “Remember Zach, when in doubt, keep putting one foot in front of the other. One day you’ll look back and realized you’ve climbed an entire mountain and you’re on top of the world.” She left and closed the door behind her, her words still echoing in my head. I sighed and took my art book out again. I later realized that when one’s sight strays from their goal, the

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