All Quiet On The Western Front Patriotism Analysis

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All Quiet On The Western Front is a novel known for a realistic and vastly negative portrayal of war. Remarque sheds light on the unrepairable suffering soldiers have throughout and after war, a subject little touched, and if so, war is usually adulated. Remarque paints war as a horribly inhumane act, therefore ideas such as patriotism, often a sole reason for entering war, are questioned. Remarque renders patriotism as a belief based on false hope, a belief used for the gain of the authorities, one that eventually hurts the citizen. Remarque’s novel portrays a deceitful and damaging patriotism, one that dangerously resides in extremely allegiant countries like the U.S. Patriotism has become a belief that one should not challenge, and that is where the danger comes in. The authorities in the army stand for patriotism, deceive the soldiers by pressuring them to serve their patriotic duty in wondrous war, yet they fight for personal power and toss the …show more content…

Mark Twain once commentend that a patriot was, “the person who can holler the loudest without knowing what he is hollering about.”, implying that the majority of patriots do not know why they are patriotic. Americans are taught from birth to love the United States of America; if an American does not absolutely love America, then they must despise it, an act certainly shameful. Most Americans find themselves devoted before ever asking if the U.S. deserves devotion. Philosopher Carol Nicholson writes in her article, .Why I Am Not A Patriot, “Fixing love on an abstraction such as ‘country’ leads to...a recipe for intolerance, hate, and war.”. Devotion to a country is not wrong-a country could not grow unless its citizens had a degree of pride for it-the danger comes when people stop asking why, and not only stop questioning, but also believe their country is

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