`` All Star Superman `` And `` The Yellow Wallpaper ``

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Right from the start of “All-Star Superman,” we are introduced to colorful panels that integrates the use and symbolism of colors. Throughout written literature, from “Red Wheelbarrow” to “The Yellow Wallpaper,” color has been a consistently used technique to add extra meaning to subjects. The use of that symbolism in the comic book medium makes sense, since color can be shown instead of conveyed. To try and establish the colors meaning in “All-Star Superman,” we can look at it’s repeated use and try and determine what the pattern between them is. Take for example the color purple: on pages 146-147, the funeral is done out in purple; another example is on page 236, Regan is wearing only purple. Between those two situations, the connection …show more content…

We see more of this same example on pages 92, 96 and 197, as in that they are all green panels that occur on or near the moonbase. On page 219-221, we are in Superman’s lab, which has a green background very similar to that of Quintum’s lab.
This use of green is not limited to backgrounds or outfits either. From pages 48-50, Lois Lane is preparing to use a kryptonite gun on Superman. The item itself is primarily green and fires green mist, which also makes sense because kryptonite is green. On page 106, we see Luther fiddling with a device that is a mobile library. When this device speaks, even its speech bubbles are done out in this green shade. This scientific symbolism makes sense here too, as these are very scientific machines.
Jumping ahead to the use of another color, we have yellow. Whenever yellow appears in this comic, it is usually in regard to very powerful, ultimate things. Take for example page 149. On page 149, the “leader of the Superman Squad” (who is presumably an older, original superman) gives the modern, original superman an “indestructible flower.” The leader and the flower are both a golden yellow, which gives both of them a feeling that they are powerful and mysterious. On page 40, Superman is making miniature suns to feed to his sun-eater. These suns are a similar shade of golden yellow, and

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