Allan Kardec's The Gospel According To Spiritism

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What is Our Plan?

Discovering Spiritism leads one to the feeling that you are on a roller coaster and are unable to get off. The more you read, the more questions you have, then you try and find where they could be answered, but at the end you have a larger set of questions than when you started. The numerous questions could be separated into major categories. One of the most significant set of inquiries concerns the matter of your personal destiny. The discussion of the plan for your life on earth is scattered throughout Kardec's books and in psychographed books by mediums, such as Francisco C. Xavier. This article pulls together different sources to present to you an introduction of the basic principles and concepts that have dictated your life's plan.

In Allan Kardec's The Gospel According to Spiritism, the starting point for understanding your trials is in this paragraph, "Christ said, 'Blessed are the afflicted, for they shall be comforted'. But how can we bless suffering if we don't know why we suffer? Spiritism shows that the cause lies in previous existences and in the destiny of earth, where humans expiate their past. It shows them the purpose of their suffering as being salutary which lead to healing and which are the purification that ensures happiness in future existences. Humans understand that they
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Xavier, where Andre Luiz (the spirit author of the book) is discussing the imminent birth of a spirit (Segismundo), who will undergo trials for his past sins. Andre asks about the plan for the spirit's life, Alexandre, Andre's teacher at the moment, replies, "Notice that I said benefit and not destiny. Many people confuse a constructive plan with fatalism. Both Segismundo and our brother Herculano have the information we are talking about, because nobody enters a school for a more or less long period without a specific purpose and without knowing the rules that he or she should
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