Alpfa Personal Statement

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20 years ago, I was born in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Soon after, my single mother took me back with her to Mexico City. This was the the place I called home for 17 years, until I decided to pursue my dreams of becoming a businessman. I was received by my grandma’s sister, and her boyfriend in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. I graduated with High Honors, but faced a big problem. I had been kicked out of the house for reasons out of my control right before graduating. I spent days couch surfing with friends until I was able to find UIC. As of today, I have no contact with any family, thus I take care of myself in all aspects. Fortunately, soon after high school graduation, I got accepted into the highly selective Business Scholars Program and became a Peer Mentor. With that in hand, I’m able to study and have a place to stay.…show more content…
I currently play for the UIC Soccer Club and stay active for the Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting (ALPFA). Through ALPFA, I’ve been able to learn from upperclassmen and professionals from prestigious business firms. ALPFA helped me realize that both Finance and Information Decision Sciences are the majors that appeal me the most. I want to become a Portfolio Manager because it requires financial knowledge and technical knowledge such as coding and database management. With the money I receive from this scholarship, I plan to take coding courses over the summer. I’ve been looking into Coding Dojo’s Chicago facilities. Because I plan to continue being a Peer Mentor for the next two years, coding (regardless of the language I choose) could be something I could tutor during my established hours. Aside from the school related work, I plan to purchase business professional attire, since I’ve been using the same suit for a long time. I know the business professional attire will be of great help during interviews for internships and business career
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