Alpha Squad Essay

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Alpha squad has grown into a cohesive group of mission-oriented personnel. There is a mutually agreed-upon division of labor where depending on ability and availability, someone is accountable for the completion of a particular task. This system has provided Alpha squad with the consistent capability of accomplishing squad goals and accountability. Each person has an unspoken role in the mission, however, decentralized leadership (or rather the absence of an absolute leader), has given Alpha squad a decent track record of tracking on tasks. The way the system works among the specific fish of Alpha squad is as follows: fish Adesanya is in charge of deliverables, fish Foley is a coordinator (along with fish Adesanya) to make sure other members…show more content…
First and foremost is communication; verbal and electronic communication is critical in Alpha squad’s mission to keep everyone on the same page and ensure everyone knows who is doing what and to arrange a contingency in case something unexpected happens. Second is attention to detail; Alpha squad fish have to ensure everything they do is perfectly unified and that they are aware of exact requirements and suspense dates for their assigned tasks. Third is team spirit; Alpha squad fish rely on each other where they fall short, and step up when someone else is unable to carry out their part. Fourth is decentralized leadership (lack of absolute leadership); this has been essential in minimizing the potential effects of the storming phase through the fact that no squabbles on who does what, those who can do what they have to, and those who can’t are pardoned by the unspoken understanding that everyone is prepared to step up where their comrades may fail. The final is morale and motivation (yes it is a skill as Alpha squad fish have learned during this semester); caring for each other, and never giving up not only themselves, but motivating their buddies to keep going as a team is what drives the dogged determination of Alpha squad to earn their
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