Altadore Music Classroom

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At Altadore school, every subject is taught by the student's homeroom teacher. Music class is the only subject where the students switch classrooms to spend time learning from a different teacher. This class is offered to grades Kindergarten to seven within the school. Education in the fine arts of music serves a great purpose towards a student's learning, and by having a separate teacher has shown to have a positive effect.
During my sit-in with the grade five class, students were working on their recorder skills. I noticed how all of the students were working on their individual musical skills to then practice a composition together, as a form of unity. I observed students who normally aren’t fully engaged in classroom work showing focus and enjoyment in their musical learning. Each student presented a different skill level with their recorder, however, when they all played together, the whole piece came together.
Within my half an hour observation, students were simultaneously performing a range of skills including: recognizing the tune, notes used, blowing techniques, observing the teacher's demonstration …show more content…

Cesario et al. (2013) points out that, “music is one of the few activities that exercise both sides of the brain” (p.142). That statement shows that music integration in a school setting allows students to acquire skills that positively affects their memory, teamwork, and many qualities that benefit their academic performance. Students put in effort to perform well and improve within this class since they eventually perform during events, such as, the school’s Christmas concert. With that said, Cesario et al. (2013) states, “music performance experience also stimulates the area of the brain responsible for memory, enhancing the student’s ability to retain information in all academic settings” (p.142). Which are also beneficial towards a student's

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