Alzheimer's Disease Essay

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TITLE ABSTRACT Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) has been implicated with two major pathologies, the accumulation of amyloid-B and tau phosphorylation (_). These pathologies have long been implicated with the gene Alipoprotein E (ApoE) which continually showed a dosage-dependent effect on amyloid-B clearance (_). Many studies have shown correlated linkage between ApoE and tau as well as their possible interactions (_). Tau phosphorylation has continually been found among many AD patients suffering with and without amyloid-B deposition (_). However, it is still unclear whether ApoE affects tau pathology separately from amyloid-B. Shi et al. aimed to conduct an experiment to show the direct association of ApoE to taupathy while eliminating the …show more content…

The three alleles of ApoE (E2, E3, and E4) have been found to show dosage-dependent effects that negatively affects the clearance of amyloid-B plaque, with E4 showing the least clearance whereas E2 being protective (Deane et al., 2008; Holtzman, 2004). Additionally, the increasing amount of E4 alleles increase the risk for AD and lowers the age of onset among late onset familial AD patients (Corder et al., 1993). The effects of the accumulation of amyloid-β plaques in AD have been more thoroughly researched than the other possible driver of AD, tau pathology (Kim et al., 2009). It was observed that tau seemed to be a better predictor of dementia than amyloid-β plaques (Brier et al., 2006), showing the importance of tau pathology research. While many studies have already shown the interaction of ApoE and amyloid-β driving AD, the relation between ApoE and tau is still unclear. Some studies have suggested that amyloid-β may be driving the hyperphosphorylation of tau and thus, the formation of NFTs downstream in the progression of AD (Lewis et al., 2001; Götz et al., 2001; Oddo et al., 2004). Because of the strong association between ApoE and amyloid-β, it may be that ApoE influence tau indirectly through the presence of amyloid-β plaques. However, a possible mechanism by which ApoE interact with tau proteins have been demonstrated. Paired helical filaments in NFTs often contain

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