Amadeus : An Enlightening Approach Essay

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Javed Hira Professor Prasanta Chakraborty English M.A (final) 4th Sem. April 13, 2014 Amadeus: An Enlightening Approach Abstract: Forman’s tormented, iconoclastic subjects are often pitted against iconic or impersonal antagonists, but Amadeus conflict remains rivetingly intimate, inspite of its sumptuous, larger –than life settings Tasha Robinson, AV club.(line 1) The “Man”, The “Muse”, The”Madness”,”The”Murder” (?), The “Motion Picture”---.So goes the tagline.... but we can add some more....the “Miracle”, Aditya Gokhale, User review.(line 2) These above mentioned statements from the reviewer’s side penetrate our heart much deeper and reminds of a movie that can be lyrical as well as vulgar, ambitious as well as playful, brilliant as well as down and dirty-just like Amadeus himself. From the very beginning, fiction, poetry, and plays provided natural vehicles for the expression of the Enlightenment ideas. Uncountable works have presented uncountable themes of the age like, In Montesquieu Persian Letters, the lethal dangers of the pursuit of knowledge and freedom is shown in the form of the stark parable alike in Voltaire’s philosophical novella Candid –an air of caustic satire on the “optimism” of philosophical rationalism is witnessed. So in a similar gesture, Mozart’s operas convey infinite sunnier Enlightenment ideas-from the thread of social and gender egalitarianism. The movie Amadeus, which was directed by Milos Forman in 1984, is set between the late eighteenth and

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