Amanda Knox and the Media Essay

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Amanda Knox and the Media Gina Pardue SPEA-J 370 Popular Culture and Crime Instructor Stephanie N. Whitehead, PhD 4/15/2012 Amanda Knox is an American student who was studying abroad in Italy when was accused and convicted of murdering her roommate, Meredith Kercher, and was found innocent of the crimes after serving four years in an Italian prison. The scrutiny surrounding this case is one of media influence and how it set her fate. Knox was not able to get a fair trial in Italy because of the negative image the media painted of her. With no concrete evidence, people believed she was guilty because of the horrible and twisted opinions of her in the media. Amanda Marie Knox Before The Murder…show more content…
Their conversation was documented. Knox cried in the car when she found out what exactly happened. The press never saw Knox cry so they published stories stating that she never cried over Kercher’s murder. This only added to the coverage of Knox and Sollecito’s kiss and Knox’s killer eyes. The Italian media had already found Knox guilty of the crimes. (Dempsey, 2010) They all arrived at the station around 2:30PM. It took time to get the proper translators for the witnesses. During their wait, the other girls noticed that Amanda was not acting like them. She was full of energy and was talking non-stop about the case. They noticed that Knox was affectionate toward Sollecito, which they felt was odd considering the whole situation. The girls became mad at Knox and distanced themselves from her. Knox jotted in her green notebook about the day. She at one time wrote, “I could kill for a pizza”, (Dempsey, 85). This would later be misconstrued. The media would use that line literally as if she would truly “kill” someone for food. They did not release Knox and Sollecito until around 5:30AM and they were ordered to come back at 11:00AM. They went to Sollecito’s home and slept. They would be interviewed multiple times over the next few days. (Dempsey, 2010) An acquaintance of Knox and Kercher’s was Rudy Guede. He was a drifter who had been raised in Perugia. He lived near the girls’ residence where he surely saw all of the commotion of police and media
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