Essay on Amazon Continues to Grow Through Mergers and Acquisition

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Amazon continues to grow, expand, and improve the goods and services the company provides through strategic mergers and acquisitions. In recent years Amazon has focused on acquiring a variety of companies that bring with them technologies from fields such as: robotics, education, voice recognition, and e-reader displays. One of Amazon’s most significant recent acquisitions came in March 2012 when Amazon purchased Kiva Systems, a Massachusetts based robotics company. The deal worth $775 million dollars was made in hopes that Amazon will be able to improve profit margins though the use of the robotic packing system produced by Kiva System’s. The robotics created by Kiva allows companies to manage inventory and streamline the order …show more content…

Currently the app can be used on the Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, or the Kindle Paperwhite 3G when the devices are connected to a wireless network. (
An additional area where Amazon has been making strategic acquisition maneuvers is in the educational field. The first educational company Amazon would acquire is the Seattle based company of TeachStreet. Amazon did not disclose the price it paid for the company. TeachStreet’s interface allows users to find local tutors and variety of online classes that include subjects from music to culinary arts to academia. TeachStreet’s websites provide a valuable link between students seeking actives and teachers providing lessons for the sought after activities. At the time of the purchase TeachStreet had over 15,000 classes in cities on both the west and East Coast. (Lamm) The next educational acquisition would come in October of 2013 when Amazon would acquire TenMarks for an undisclosed amount. TenMarks produces education math programs which follow the Common Core teaching method. The two companies will work together to build the technology into the Kindle Fire. Amazon believes that as the Kindle is able to deliver more education value the cheaper cost of the Kindle will allow more schools to being using advanced technology to teach students. These moves were carefully planned to take a piece of the educational market that Apple has dominated. (Parkhust)
While Amazon

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