Amazon is at the Top of Its Game

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Amazon`s use and management of all the data elements used in its customer relationship management system are what keeps the company at the top of its competitors. Amazon provides real value for each specific customer through selection-targeted data that they have managed and used. The success of their recommendation system is based on the usage of a few data elements: what a customer has bought in the past, what items they put into their cart even if they didn’t end up purchasing those products, comments and ratings they have left on purchased products for other buyers, and what other customers have viewed or bought. The data within Amazon’s CRM system also allows customers to purchase the products they want with just one click, as their payment and shipping information, credit card information, and user information are already stored into their system from a previous purchase. Amazon uses Big Data to manage its data to constantly improve their CRM system. Big Data was added to a remote computing service known as Amazon Web Services (AWS), which offers tools to support data collection, data storage, data computation and data sharing. Amazon uses Big Data to access over one billion products in its retail store. All this data is being stored in S3 (Simple Storage Service), which is a simple storage service that can be used to store any amount of data from anywhere and anytime through web services interfaces. The issue of redundant data is solved within this S3 system by a
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