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Good afternoon. I am grateful to Chancellor Rt. Hon. the Lord Patten of Barnes, Vice Chancellor Professor Andrew Hamilton and indeed the entire leadership of this great University for extending an invitation to have me speak here today. I have spoken at many places but engaging any form of audience at the prestigious Oxford University is something that I really have to place on my curriculum vitae. I am also grateful to the US Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Ambassador Mathew Barzun and his family for the warmth they have shown me since I got to the United Kingdom and for being present at this function. Ambassador Barzun’s pace-setting involvement with the internet especially at its early stage is something that I have for …show more content…

These issues include shutdowns, ratifications and the war powers act. I will then provide some advice to today’s political leaders and even future political leaders. However, before that I will like to set briefly the ball rolling with my personal history.

Personal History
I was born in January, 1939 in Rosemont, a small village in Maryland of a few hundred people. My father was a World War I veteran and my mother a sort of teacher, running some version of a reading school for the kids in the community. 1939 means I was born in the same year that the Second World War began and that earned me the nickname “the baby’s that’s getting his father to go to another war”.

However, my father developed a terminal illness that meant that his participation in World War 2 would only be to explain the essence and likely ramification of reported war incidents and statements to myself and my four siblings. Inspired by my father’s war stories especially those that detailed the extent that many American soldiers would go to defend their country, and also by the early Cold War politicking, I enrolled in the US Naval Academy and passed out in 1955. At the time, the Cold War was at its height and as was more than likely at the time, I fought in the Vietnam War in the 1960s.

The Vietnam period was when my father’s World War 1 tales and dissections of World War 2 actions became most alive to me. The

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