Ambiguity in English

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Ambiguity in English Ambiguity refers to the ambiguous meanings of certain sentence or word in the written form or in the verbal form. Ambiguity is common in the natural language and is also one of the most important subjects for the investigation on language. It may hinder people from conducting a smooth communication since different people would interpret the sentence or word in different ways because of ambiguity. With the development and diversification of language, ambiguity is inevitable in most of the languages and English is no exception. From the perspective of semasiology, when a sentence or a word can be interpreted in two or more ways, there is an ambiguity. There are numerous of ambiguous structures and ambiguous sentences in English. Whenever people talk or write, they would like to try to make their ideas clearly expressed and understood, which make the investigation on the ambiguity necessary. Ambiguity is a unique language phenomenon, which is prevalent in many languages. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate the creation and formation of ambiguity. In the daily life, people would choose to state their mind, convey their message, express their feelings and share their experience through different pronunciations, tones, intonations, vocabularies and grammatical structures. In the process of a communication, for certain need, people have to communicate their thought through with help of body language so as to be understood clearly, which helps to explain
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