Americ Land Of Oppression

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America: Land of Oppression Strobe lights overwhelm the shadowy streets with blue in Atlanta, on the 11th of November. The epileptic flashing is unstartling as more authorize forces speed towards the protest; their sirens blare begging for attention. People of various races, religions, and ethnic backgrounds are in attendance with passionate concerns over the future prosperity and equality of the country that belongs to them too. Amongst the crowd, people carry cardboard signs that ache their arms, some stomp with the iconic two finger symbol of peace, while others spectate from their high-rise apartments, cheering and waving their support. The protest is mass with many differing and numerous causes of dissatisfaction, but a commonly shared opinion causes the underlying discontent: the president-elect is not supportive of the multiple demographics that compose the United States. There is a feeling of underrepresentation from these minority groups who have been long overlooked in politics. The protest is not a cry for help but a demand for change. The massive police force surrounds the protesters attempting to block their march. This border between the two opposing sides is a symbolic reminder of the ongoing power struggle, of the endless fight— The powerless is to be heard, for at least tonight. This protest is a current event, but the issues that fuel it are not a current problem. It would be simple to regard protests such as these unnecessary, but the root of the

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