America Is A Country Of Immigrants

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Name: Chiagozie Course ID: Polisci 368 Date” 02/10/17 Long paper 1, America is a country of immigrants. Therefore, our American ride and achievements merely not be possible without the compeers of immigrants who have come to our coasts from every corner of the earth. And so, it is helpful to take a moment to mirror on the important benefits by the cohorts of immigrants who have helped us build our economy, and made America the economic machine of the world. Therefore, if not some of these Immigrants being here in U.S, the economy will be shaking and the nation won’t be where it is now. Examples, of the Immigrants contributions to the American Soil are, the Immigrants help to create jobs opportunities, the Immigrants help to increase the …show more content…

In other words, Immigrants like opposing among themselves, causing the negative effects on the less skilled native Americans to appear small or positive. 2- Anti-Immigrant leaders, believe that Immigrants abuse the welfare state, the reason they said this is because most authorized immigrants don’t have access to public assistance welfare during their first five years unless with limited exceptions and Immigrants illegal don’t have access rather except with emergency Medicaid. Therefore, Immigrants are more less likely to use the public assistance welfare unlike those that are native-born Americans. But when they finally do use welfare, the value of dollar benefits consumed or used tend to be smaller. Whereas, if a poor native-born American used Medicaid at the same rate and consumed or used the same value of benefits as poor immigrants, will cause the program to be 42% smaller. In addition, Immigrants tend to make a bigger net of contribution to Medicare and social security, especially to the biggest portion of the welfare state, reason because of their ages, disqualification and their greater likelihood of retirement in their various countries. 3- Anti-Immigrant leaders, believed and argued that Immigrants are crime inclined or prone, however this myth has been lingering over the years but was true as of 1896, 1909, 1931, 1994 as well as recent dates. Immigrants however

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