America Is Considered The Melting Pot Of The World. This

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America is considered the melting pot of the world. This diverse nation is filled with many different ethnicities, cultures, and people with different backgrounds. It is for that exact reason why one is able to find just about every type of food, no matter what culture, in America. Interviewing two immigrants has allowed me to grasp the fact that these different cultures is what makes the United States of America so great! I first started off by interviewing my girlfriend, Amanda, who is an immigrant from Brazil. She was blessed with the opportunity to immigrate to America when she was 6 years old. Her parents wanted her to have a better opportunity and to live a better lifestyle than they did. The next interview I conducted was on my …show more content…

As a Christian family, they always make sure to pray before eating their food. Once prayer is finished, the oldest person in the room begins to eat first and everyone else proceeds to eat after the eldest has taken the first bite. In regards to major holidays, the main holiday that she noted was Christmas. Brazilians celebrate Christmas a little bit different than Americans. In America, during Christmas, families gather together, have a decorated tree, and exchange gifts. Some but not all Brazilians do this as well, but this is not the signature of their holiday. Amanda stated that the it is the special dishes that make the day feel like Christmas. These special dishes are only made during Christmas. These special dishes are: Salpicao (salad made with chicken, ham, raisins, carrots, apples, olives, and mayo, all topped with shoestring potatoes), Pernil (roasted fresh ham), and Rabanada (Brazilian French Toast). Christmas is celebrated on Christmas Eve with these foods along with gift exchanges from friends and family. I had the chance to celebrate Christmas with her this past year and I must note that those foods listed above were really good! Overall, Amanda has adapted a great deal of the American culture into her eating habits. Immigration to the United States has caused many recipes to be left behind due to certain ingredients being unavailable in this country due to weather conditions impacting agriculture. Sweet fruits like Caju,

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