America Should Not Celebrate Diversity

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Generally considered the “Great Melting Pot,” America is often noted for hosting ethnicities and cultures of every kind, however it is debatable whether or not they are genuinely welcomed. Some might argue that the prejudice acts throughout our nation such as the Ferguson, Missouri shootings and the disdain among minorities, especially Muslims, prove that our country does not offer a warm welcome towards those who are not Caucasians. Regardless, I firmly believe that America recognizes and cherishes the variation of citizens living among us. It is inevitable that America would not be where it is today if the nation had not celebrated diversity. From the article, “Making the Future Better, Together,” Eboo Patel states that, “America’s genius is to give its diversity of citizens a stake in the well being of the nation,” and goes on to say, “this nation could well have been a house divided, but today we stand as one- that has everything to do with how a previous generation, led my Abraham Lincoln, acted.” In other words, Patel believes that certain events in history contributed to the common good of the country that has affected us in numerous positive ways. For example, marches and protests in the past promoting anti-segregation laws, some of them led by Martin Luther King Jr. himself as pointed out by Patel, have been successful by the…show more content…
Proponents are right to argue that the entirety of America does not celebrate these racial or religion differences, but this is a clear exaggeration. Specifically, Jena McGregor from the Washington Post states, “This year's homogeneous list of [Academy Award] nominees might seem to suggest otherwise. Not since 1998 have the 20 actors on the short list all been white. That fact may have sparked online outrage, and it may be an uncomfortable truth.” McGregor is mistaken because she
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