America in the 1920's

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America in the 1920s, also known as the Roaring 20s or New Era, was a time of great changes and huge growth. America was being a more modern nation, and a return to normalcy was being seen after the Progressive Movement and First World War. Politically, the American government was seemingly conservative, but experimented with different approaches to public policy and foreign diplomatic policy. Economically, it was a time of tremendous growth and new forms of organization. Socially, the American popular culture reshaped itself to reflect the increasingly industrial, urban, and consumer oriented society. The 20s were a time of a distinguishably new culture and profound change and excitement, but it wasn’t great for everybody. After 1922, there was a long period of prosperity and economic expansion. People had more money to spend, and prices weren’t rising very much. The key to the economic boom was new technology. The automobile industry was one of the most important industries in the nation, and led to stimulated growth in other industries, such as steel, rubber, glass, and especially oil companies. Road construction booms in response to automobiles, providing more jobs for workers and helping the economy even more. The radio comes about in the early 20s and becomes a popular form of entertainment and leads the creation the National Broadcasting Company, or NBC. As a result, the nation becomes more connected. Commercial aviation develops and planes are used to deliver mail

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