America 's Attitude Toward Violence And War

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Looking back at America’s history, we are a nation that was built on violence and war. Europeans came across the ocean to this land and brutally took it over from the Native Americans, we fought for our independence from the British on this land, and we even fought amongst each other. All of these disputes helped build what we know as The United States of America today. It seems that no matter what we do, violence seems to follow us, or in some cases we tend to seek it out. But not everyone in this nation has always been for the unimaginable amount of carnage we have partaken in. The feeling toward violence has had its ups and downs within our culture. We have gone through periods of supporting our nation in war and we have also gone through periods of disapproval of our governments choices to enter conflict. The main thing that dictates our nation’s attitude toward violence and war is the purpose in which we are fighting for. If the people of our nation feel that the issue is worth all of the repercussions that come along with war and it is something that needs to be fought for, then it will be largely supported. If it is something that thousands of people should not be risking their lives over, then it will be largely protested. Like stated before, the attitude towards our countries advances on violence and military action within society largely depends on the reasons why we enter the conflict in the first place. One war that we can look at and see, maybe not
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