America 's Fight For Freedom Essay

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A common theme emerged for the African American people; the government may say that everyone is in this fight together but we, as African Americans, now this is not true. From the segregated military to the non-willing acceptance of African American workers in wartime factories the African American people felt that they fought a two-sided war. This two-sided approach to war took a name for itself, The Double V Campaign. African Americans joined the fight for freedom just like all other Americans, but many thought this to be the time and place to advocate for civil right,
We, as colored Americans, are determined to protect our country, our form of government and the freedoms which we cherish for ourselves and for the rest of the world, therefore we have adopted the Double “V” war cry-victory over our enemies at home and victory over our enemies on the battlefields abroad. Thus in our fight for freedom we wage a two-pronged attack against our enslavers at home and those abroad who would enslave us…

The call for the Double V Campaign issued a new outlook for the African American people of the Second World War. This campaign is one of the earliest forms of the Civil Rights Movement for many African American families. African Americans knew that this could be the time and place to make a stand, and even though they stood in unity and patriotism for their country, they wanted to have laws and feelings change in America. Civil Rights are the basis of the people of a country,

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