America 's Grammar Problem Essay

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America’s Grammar Problem Growing up we’re told repeatedly that, “grammar is important, and you will need it in college.” As I sit in these lectures, however, I see that claim hasn’t fazed anybody. I sit in an English class expecting to read these great, well put together papers, and I get the same writing level I saw my senior year in high school. I should expect this, I mean, no kid is going to magically learn the rules of writing over the summer. I didn’t. It took nine grueling months of an English class that, quite frankly, was hell on earth to learn most of them. The class was the toughest class I have ever sat through, and yet, I’m blessed. I’m in my second semester as a college student, and Sandra Stebbin’s English class has saved me more times than I care to count. It’s time for the United States education system to start taking grammar seriously. This is a huge concern, because our future leaders can’t afford to have writing skills equivalent to a 7th grade middle school kid. I will start with a journey through a hellacious class focused around grammar. Coming into the WCSCC as a 12th grader, I was astonished at how little skill I had when it came to grammar. It still boggles my mind that it took twelve years of school before I met a teacher who really, really cared about how I composed my sentences. She wanted us to know what adjectives, prepositions, nouns, pronouns, and run on sentences were. However, she knew we didn’t. On the first day of class, she made the
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