Dual Credit Classes At Carrizo Springs High School

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In recent years, the majority of students enrolled in dual credit classes at Carrizo Springs High School, specifically the English class, have shown that they are not prepared for the workload and expectations of this college level class. Consequently, many of these students end up dropping the course after the first semester and find themselves in overcrowded “regular” English classes. If these students had received proper preparation and instruction in writing prior to their senior year and enrollment in ENGL 1301 Composition and Rhetoric, they would have been more successful in dual credit English, upper division courses, and future careers. Instead of focusing on the different types of writing styles they will encounter in college and the workforce, most of the writing instruction students receive in their underclassman English courses at Carrizo Springs High School is primarily focused on preparation for the English Language Arts Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills Written Composition test, which has standards that are different than the outcomes they will be expected to accomplish in their dual credit English class and future college writing courses. Therefore, there must be a method implemented at Carrizo Springs High School and Southwest Texas Junior College to help students become more successful in dual credit English before they even step foot in that class. Students must understand that how they perform in that class will have an effect on their

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