America 's National Health Service

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Health care is a huge necessity no matter where in the world you are. However, health care in the U.S. seems to be lagging behind in many factors, like cost, quality and efficiency, compared to a few other countries like Great Britain, Germany, Taiwan, and Switzerland. After comparing International health care and American health care reform before and after the Affordable care act, it is clear that no health care system has displayed perfection, and each one has a negative and a positive factor. In the video “Sick around the world” we see how different countries accommodate their population’s health care needs, through their customized systems. Great Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) developed a very considerate system that offers no copay, or any fees in general. The NHS pays for everything, which is a great feature and is beneficial to the people. A major disadvantage of the NHS is the wait time for elective care. Although the wait time has improved from 16 to 18 months in the past, to currently 6 months, the wait time is still a bad component of Britain’s NHS. As for the second richest country in the world, Japan’s health care system appears to be affordable, due to the fixed prices for every aspect of health care and a one payment system. The downfall is that fifty percent of hospitals are in fiscal deficit, which may add to this wealthy country’s huge economic burden. Similarly, Germany keeps its citizen’s best interest in mind, due to the fact that 90% of

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