Healthcare Reform in the United States

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Healthcare Reform in the United States While the United States delivers some of the best medical care in the world, there are major inefficiencies in our healthcare system. We have high rates of medical errors, millions without health insurance coverage, and lower utilization of advanced health information technology than most western European nations. It seems every time you turn on the evening news, you hear something about the healthcare system in American and how it is in shambles. Without question, one of the biggest challenges facing American citizens is our dysfunctional healthcare system.
During the elections of 2008, President Barack Obama’s key issue was the focus on overall healthcare reform in the United States. Is
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The government has to pay for healthcare reform somehow. Taxing business is a big strategy and employers with fifty or more employees will be fined $2,000 per employee if they do not provide affordable medical coverage. (Rubin) The United States would obviously benefit from a fresh, new look at how we deliver and pay for healthcare, from a willingness to consider radical reforms of more efficient and effective delivery and financing systems. Some Americans fear that they may end up with less money than they currently have. The Democrats argue that healthcare reform will make healthcare less expensive, which means employers would have more money to hire more workers. The Republicans, on the other hand, disagree. They maintain the hefty fines imposed on employers, who don’t offer their employees health insurance, will result in employers laying off workers to keep costs down. (Sommer 20).
A more optimistic view of healthcare reform recognizes its potential to improve the efficiency of the U.S. healthcare system. More efficient healthcare will lower the burden of health insurance premiums for firms, and in turn allow them to hire more workers. This will also increase the number of jobs for Americans and at the same time reduce the financial woes of those individuals struggling with no insurance in a depressed labor market.
Many individuals argue that it is not necessary to have health insurance. They will tell you they eat right, exercise and

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