America 's Original Music Form : The Influence Of Jazz

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Amechi Nwandu
Mr. Fernando Gomez
American Literature
1 April 2015
America’s Original Music Form: The Influence of Jazz The creation of jazz at face value is normally credited to the minorities in the United States, mainly the African Americans, but was modified and adapted to be culturally and socially acceptable to the middle and upper classes of white Americans. While the jazz movement was eventually dominated by the middle class white population in the US, the conception of this music form was influenced and inspired by African traditions and the ideals of the Europeans. How did factors such as socioeconomic status, race, and gender contribute to the creation of Jazz? Why was the era of the Roaring Twenties crucial to the development of Jazz as a mainstream art form in America? These are two of the many questions historians and music theorists have brainstormed while studying the creation period and golden age of Jazz in America. “… Jazz wasn 't born on a particular day, it was created over a period of time. It wasn 't just one person or one race that was responsible for creating it. Jazz was a meeting, and mixing, of the essences and emotions of many people, of many cultures.” (Birthplace of Jazz). In the closing decades of the nineteenth century, white Americans sang and danced to their honorable military marches, but in the great city of New Orleans, Voodoo rhythms were in style. The only place in a white-dominated society where foreign and especially African rituals
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