American And Israeli Teacher 's Definition Of Parent Involvement Essay

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Parent involvement is referred to as “parents’ participation in the entire educational process (Dor & Rucker-Naidu, 2012, p. 246). In addition, it describes parents’ expectations and beliefs on improving their children’s educational performance based on home and school involvement (Dor & Rucker-Naidu, 2012). Although, parent involvement is viewed as very important, some teachers do not connect with parents beyond teacher and parent conferences. Some of the possible reasons for why teachers and parents do not connect as often are: “teachers are not sufficiently trained to work with parents, contextual and cultural contexts, teachers have negative attitude towards cooperation with parents and parent involvement declines as children gets older” (Dor & Rucker-Naidu, 2012, p. 247). The purpose of this study is compare American and Israeli teacher’s definition of parent involvement and examine their perspective and attitudes towards parent involvement (Dor & Rucker-Naidu, 2012).

The participants in this study were 56 teachers, in which 29 of them were American and 27 were Israeli. The teachers were all actively teaching at elementary and secondary public schools located in Hartford County, Maryland and north Israel. The teachers from Hartford County were “middle to upper class, had teacher tenure of 2-32 years and their ages ranged between 23-54” (Dor & Rucker-Naidu, 2012, p. 248). The teachers from Israel were “Jewish, middle class, had a teaching tenure

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