American Cancer Society

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“Don’t stop believing, hold on to that feeling”(10 Best Cancer Fighting Songs Ever - Above + Beyond Cancer) this quote is showing that no matter how hard you try you can get through it. Everyone is stronger than they think they are and don’t stop believing because it can get better. American Cancer Society helps one's diagnosed with cancer by other’s volunteering. It is an organization dedicated to preventing cancer, saving lives, and helping people who are suffering. Initially, it can help people survive and even make them happier by simply do something good for others. Please donate your time and money to American Cancer Society an event for cancer patients because it helps people suffering from all kinds of cancer, has events to collect…show more content…
The American Cancer Society is a nonprofit organization to help fight against cancer. “The American Cancer Society relies on volunteers to help with local programs for cancer patients and survivors”(Wootton). They need volunteers to help raise money to help with the research of all the different types of cancers. “It relies on its two and half million volunteers(Facts about ACS)”. The volunteers are helping many people and they may not even know it. Even the little things can help them get through the tough times. More than one million people get diagnosed with cancer every year. The amount of people that are getting diagnosed with cancer will need help from everything possible. This illness is very deadly with all the treatment, it is very expensive and cost the families money that could be hard to pay for. There are many different kinds of treatment that could help you fight through the deathly disease. The most used treatment is chemotherapy and…show more content…
In the same way, American Cancer Society will help the ones who are suffering from different types of cancers. “On the list of cancers with the worst prognoses, glioblastoma is near the top. Doctors tend to rank cancers by the likelihood a patient will be alive five years after treatment. That's the magic mark beyond which people have a better chance of beating a disease altogether. With glioblastoma, within a year or two of diagnosis, seventy-five percent of patients are dead”(Park). The disease is They raise money to fight breast cancer and provide money and find cures for those who are in need. They offer many different types of cancers such as cervical, lung, testicular, and pancreatic and many other different deadly cancers. “Women in higher risk groups would need more aggressive screening depending upon the severity of the risk. But for routine screening today`s guidelines narrow the gap between the cancer society and the major task force advising the government--a better consensus may lessen the current confusion” (Look). The amount of money they make all goes to a good cause and helps with making the ones who are suffering possibly suffer
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