American Culture Has Become A Melting Pot

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American culture has become a melting pot, filled with the influence of every person that has entered its borders. With the rise of the technological age, there is Internet access and increased traveling that has led to acquired languages and cultures from across the globe. All over, cultural restaurants, dances and shopping centers are becoming successful out the exploitation of lifestyles from thousands of miles away. In the music industry, it is common to see artist borrow aspects from different ethnicities around the world, to accent their song with cultural beats, dancing or clothing.
Since America is a relative young country, most of its culture influences come from its migrants over the last three hundred years. Due to all these diverse influences, the culture is fluid. It is often transferred from the social, political and geographical communities that surround a person. With the fluidity in American culture, people are free to participate in and appreciate unique art forms, even if they do not stem from one’s heritage. For instance, anyone can learn how to dance the salsa, or study ancient near eastern mythology. There are no legal limitations on what one can and cannot borrow from a culture. However, there is a difference between appreciating a different culture and appropriating one.
Culture appropriation occurs when members of one culture take for his or her personal gain or use, the items produced by the members of another culture. This is commonly done

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