American Diet / Nutritional Nutrition

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Kyle Seid Phan
Ms. Bohls
English 12 Period 6
February 15, 2017
American Diet/Nutrition
For Americans who are around 20 - 39 years old, the obesity rate is 34.3%, 41%; for 40-59 year olds, and people around 60 years old, it is about 38.5% (The State of Obesity). This statistic is pretty scary for these age groups because when people get older they have harder times taking care of themselves by having a healthy lifestyle and exercising on a daily basis.
Over the years, people’s nutrition has been changing so much and it is caused by one factor which is time. Time is so vital in our daily lives that we just do not have enough time to eat a proper meal because we are always working(Abraham). People are usually working for approximately 7 …show more content…

For people who is older and have a harder time taking care of themselves may have a higher chance of getting these diseases because they are not keeping their body well and fit.
These two populations have higher rates of being obese them other populations. The population and society obesity mainly affects are the and woman adult blacks and latino (The State of Obesity). These populations have a higher rate of people being obese compared to a white population. About 47.8% blacks are obese, latinos are 42% obese compared to white people who are only 32.6% obese (The State of Obesity). The main reasons why black and latinos are the most obese because of their absence of healthy food (The State of Obesity). These societies are not able to get healthy food is because of their lack of money and living situations to stay healthy.
Over the years Americans have been gaining more weight than the past because the food portions and the amount of food people eat today is much more. The United States Department of Agriculture finds out that Americans ate about 20% more calories in the year 2000 then 1983 (Abraham). The World Health Organization discovered that, when fast food was on sale then the body mass index increased. In the American diet, 11% of the food eaten was fast food (Abraham). There has been nutritionists food plan of what is a good diet and the amount of each category you

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