American Dream, Dead Or Alive?. The American Dream Started

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American Dream, Dead or Alive?

The American Dream started as a dream for minorities or citizens of other countries; furthermore, they knew if they came to America and worked hard they could make a better life for themselves and their family. In America, there is equal opportunity for everyone; therefore, people are not categorized based on race, gender, or religion. Over time, people have started to believe that the American dream is unachievable because of racism, gender roles, and a poor economy. It all started in 1931, when historian James Adams first said the term “American Dream”. He was referring to, "That dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for every man, with opportunity for each according to his …show more content…

From these and other statistics, many experts have concluded that the American Dream is becoming unattainable for an increasing number of Americans … indeed, it has become the common wisdom in many circles that the American Dream is either dying or dead” (Marsico). Another statistic shows that white non college Americans, especially males, no longer seem to believe that hard work and determination is enough to achieve financial success (Dickerson).
There are many barriers that make the American Dream seem unachievable. For example, there is a huge controversy going on in American right now over equality for women. With the recent election, women rights have exploded. Many citizens believe the new President, Donald Trump is racists and sexist. For example, when Trump took office those next few days there were women marches all over the country to make this issue public. According to Breanne Butler, one of the march 's global coordinators who has helped to organize more than 300 sister marches across the United States and overseas, tells us about the driving force behind the marches: "We 're all rallying together. We 're unifying," she explains. "We 're uplifting the voices that have been marginalized for a long time, particularly in this past year, and we 're coming together in one voice and making a strong statement to the

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