Reasons Why The American Dream Attainable

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The “American Dream” is a complicated topic to discuss. It has many different meanings depending on who you’re talking to. To me it means to have a healthy and happy family with a nice house and to do what I love to do. For many people their dream or even my dream is not attainable. I do not think that the “American Dream” is attainable for everyone. Some people do not have the perseverance or are not born into a situation where they can get an education. Some people may have that drive or the education or talent needed to accomplish what they want. In the movie The Pursuit of Happyness Chris Gardener is a newly single father struggling financially. He has so many obstacles thrown his way that many people would simply not have the willpower to get through that hard time. In the end Chris does reach his goal but he had so much handed to him as he was on the journey. Many people who tried to get the internship simply did not have these opportunities that he did. When Chris got the job he was the only one out of the whole program to earn it. Everyone there could have worked just as hard as he did and put a lot of work and effort in but their dream could have not came true. ( Source 5.)
Another reason why the American Dream is not attainable is in the poem To a Mouse by Robert Burns. In the poem a mouse works very hard to make his nest and destroyed it completely. (Source 3.) This shows that even though someone may work very hard to achieve their goals someone bigger might be

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