American History : The Battle Of Gettysburg

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Eli West Survey of American History The Battle of Gettysburg The American Civil War is, to date, the bloodiest and the most real war in the eyes of American citizens, with every battle raging in American back yards and farm fields. This great war of ours holds battles such as Shiloh, Antietam, and Stones River all known for being exceptionally violent and casualty heavy. However, none of these can compare when it comes to the amount lives lost or importance to the outcome of the war itself as the Battle of Gettysburg; the three day engagement fought between the North-bound men of Robert E. Lee’s confederates and the union soldiers under Meade’s command. Confederate General Robert E. Lee was in the midst of a campaign that was focused on sending a war to the North and hopefully making Northern politicians pull their support from the fighting. After victory at Chancellorsville where Lee beat Joseph Hooker in what became known as “Lee’s perfect battle” because he was able to defeat an army more than twice the size of his own, the two generals being of completely different tact Lee being a more audacious and aggressive commander, where Hooker was known as timid and would often second guess himself. This victory gave Lee and his men the morale boost to march all the way to Pennsylvania. President Lincoln at this time was urging for Hooker to pursue Lee and the confederates, but recalling his ugly defeat at Chancellorsville Lincoln allowed Hooker to resign command three days

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