American Islamophobia And The Syrian Refugees. The Majority

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American Islamophobia and the Syrian Refugees
The majority of debates revolving around human rights can be settled when one reaches the answer to a common question: Are humans inherently of equal value to one another? Said question has been rephrased and reworded many a time, and the answer is always yes. Most people claim to base their belief system off of the answer “yes”, but nonetheless will actively deny large groups of people their rights. That fact has become increasingly evident with the recent matter that is the Syrian refugee crisis. Muslim people are fleeing Syria, a currently war torn country, and attempting to find asylum in more stable countries, one of which is the United States. However, the Muslim refugees fleeing Syria …show more content…

However, when they arrive in America, their new haven, they see thousands of people they have never met rallying to send them back to a place that has traumatized them. Many of those rallying people thinking that they are innately evil and involved with terrorist organizations, simply for being Muslim and from the middle east. The family did not do anything wrong, they simply came to the United States to flee danger. This is the story of thousands of refugee families all over America. The story can be read in magazines, in articles, in blogs, or face to face with a refugee. Safwat Saleem discussed how Islamophobia increased his own insecurity with his voice in “Why I Keep Speaking Up, Even Though People Mock my Accent”, as people would write comments criticizing his voice on the videos he created. The tragedy is the surprising commonality of the tale, as Islamophobia has become a distressingly prominent facet of American society, created as a result of fear mongering and misinformation. Islam is one of the oldest and largest religions currently, preaching of peace and acceptance to its followers. Often times, non-Muslim people will fall for the hasty generalization that every Muslim is violent, has “backwards morals”, or has a secret, anti-American agenda, or often a combination of the three. Suzanne

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