American Journal Reviews of Child and Family Homelessness

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Grant, Roy, M.A., et al. "Twenty-Five Years of Child and Family Homelessness: Where are we
Now?" American Journal of Public Health 103.2 (2013): E1-E10. ProQuest. Web. 1 Mar. 2014.
Roy Grant, M.A., et al. conducted a review of family and childhood homelessness over a course between a twenty-five year span of the 1980’s to 2013. They reviewed journal articles, government reports, and news stories to find any changes in conditions or the amount of family and childhood homelessness. The review concluded family and childhood homelessness still exists but at a larger scale than in the earlier years and a decrease in the attention given to childhood and family homelessness. They also reported some of the factors leading to family and childhood homelessness were the decline in economic conditions, increase of evictions, economic inequality, and domestic violence. The review also noted a negative impact on a child’s health and well-being and a child’s behavioral health. Rent subsidies and shelter based programs have shown evidence to aid in preventing childhood and family homelessness. They made suggestions to increase nutritional programs as well as health and mental health services. This review supports my claim that homelessness affects children in many ways and the number of homeless children in America is growing.

Swick, Kevin J. "Responding to the Voices of Homeless Preschool Children and their
Families." Early Childhood Education Journal 38.4 (2010): 299-304.

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