American Tragedy And That Devil History

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1.These are the summaries of An American Tragedy and That Devil History. He starts talking about the phrase " conversation about race even mean." Henry Louis Gates thinks it 's meaningless and that talking about race means recognizing how race is intertwined with U.S. History. In an interview for Salon Gates said that "since slavery ended all political movements have been about race." American conservatives have been stuck on that since slavery ended a century and a half ago they need to get over it, move in, and embrace the benign American exceptionalism. Liberals have tried to justify the value of "white guilt." That includes the nagging feeling that modern white people need to make amends for. He basically wants white people and …show more content…

He notes that the events shaped the 19th century American history. THis al happened because of slavery, cotton and slaveswere valuable. The presence of slaves caused the Civil War.These are palin history facts that Americans have been trying to deal with ever since. Gates understand that talking about race means learning about America 's often sordid racial past. Gates is not claiming that a debate over race and racism is the driving element of over a hundred years of political debate. The famous three fifths counted three fifths of all slaves was just to boost congress. The legality of the slave trade until 1808 when the issue could be amended. Finkelman documents the constitution was a pro-slavery document. The compromise of slavery haunted the U.S.A. for decades. By the mid 19th century the rise of abolitionalism started many debates nd argugememts. The Confederate staes was founded on slavery. It began to say that blaacks were inferior to whites. THis fact only highlights the tragedies of a 4 year war which claimed 600,000 lives while leaving the lingering issue of racial equality unresolved. The Civil War is an event that shaped modern American identity. Slavery 's legacy runs so deep in AMerica because it was a highly personal institution first, and a major political and economic system second. Slavery was system were one group of people had demonization over another group. The loss of this economic and social demonization in 1865

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