American War Vs Cold War Analysis

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The US and Russia will likely never engage in a full scale direct conflict in our lifetimes. Russia, The US and China will remain super powers for a long time yet. We are no more on the brink of Russia than the Cold War has ever ended. Hint: it didn't. Russia and the US, along with their respective allies, have been and continue to wage war against each other in the form of psy-ops, espionage and proxy wars (i.e.: Syria). In the article Laurie Douglas posted, a self-proclaimed anti-Putin, Russian nationalist war veteran said "...the subject of war has been grossly exaggerated... What we have here is psychosis deliberately created by the authorities to mobilize the underclass and make it forget about poverty and violation of human rights,”. This is what's important. The…show more content…
On the subject of propaganda and public opinion, just consider this ridiculous media narrative about "fake news". I don't know about you but fake news sounds like censorship to me. News is information and should be judged by its content. Now legislation has been passed to legalize censorship to filter out "fake news" which is an idea so repugnant and Orwellian that it's hard to wrap my mind around, but it's the truth. The fact that people are so easily misled by "fake news" is a symptom of a deeper and more Important issue for which the solution is most certainly not to allow the government to decide fact from fiction and spoon feed it to the population in the form of pro-western propaganda. The solution to the fake news dilemma is an educated population equipped with the tools necessary to critically analyze information, do independent research and exercise logic and reason to determine fact from fiction. The reason the general population lacks such basic tools of critical thinking is due in large part to the public education system which doesn't teach children to think for themselves but to listen to authorities and simply accept conventional wisdom.
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