Americans with Disabilities Act

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Americans With Disabilities Act
Website 1 Sponsoring Agency: The CATO Institute
Content and Website Layout: The CATO Institute has afforded the public with myriad resources, regarding disabilities, education, child policy, welfare, government and politics. This website is fraught with publications, informative videos and commentary.
Summary of Contributions: In essence, the CATO Institute has invariably aided the public, including segments of the population who have suffered from a disability. Their concerted and thoughtful efforts have empowered the masses with attainable information and a fortified sense of liberty and independence, all in a non-partisan, virtual atmosphere. This site addresses the general public with insightful research analyses about public policy issues. Comparatively speaking, this Institute, along with the ADA Network and Department of Labor, empower the disabled with educational resources. However, they are not responsible for enforcing regulations.
Sponsoring Agency: The United States Department of Justice Civil Division
Content and Website Layout: This site provides news articles, laws and regulations resources, enforcement information, and technical assistance and resources.
Summary of Contributions: This website supplies the means through which the United States Department of Justice Civil Division can channel its legislative resources. This Department has contributed to the enactment of the

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