Amistad Movie Essay

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The movie Amistad is about a group of African slaves who were illegally transported to the United States and the case that decided if they will return to Africa.
It was directed by Steven Spielberg, based on the true story of the events in 1839 aboard the slave ships La Amistad and the Tecora, This events happened in Connecticut, United States, Cuba and Africa.
This film started when the slaves guided by Cinqué led a revolt in the slave ship La Amistad. The slaves forced two Spanish crewman to take them to Africa, but they ended in the U.S. The ship was captured and the slaves were taken to jail, meanwhile the trail started. Queen Isabella 2 of Spain and William S. Holabird were debating about who will keep the slaves, while Roger Baldwin and Theodore Joadson defended the case. First they proved that they were Africans, not
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Cinqué was born in 1814 in what is now Sierra Leone (His exact date of birth remains unknown). He was a rice Farmer with a wife and three children, when he was captured illegally by African slave traders in 1839 and sold to Pedro Blanco, a Portuguese slave trader. He was imprisoned on the Portuguese slave ship Tecora. Cinqué was taken to Cuba, where he was sold with 110 more slaves to Spaniards José Ruiz and Pedro Montez. After Roger Baldwin and John Quincy Adams won the case United States vs. La Amistad, Cinqué and the others returned to their homes in Africa. In the movie Amistad, Cinqué was represented as an angry and intelligent man who only wanted to keep his fellow slaves safe and to return to Africa with his family. Cinqué tried to speak English, so people can understand him, and at one point of the movie he said “give us, us free” which was very impresive and showed that they were not wild, they were people with rights and feeling, the only difference was the color of their
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