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QUE.- Suggest a Marketing Mix for Amway with specific reference to Product P of the 4 Ps. You will have to justify your ansAmwayr with market based facts in which Amway is operating in India.

ANS. –

Amway Working in India as…

Amway promotes individual entrepreneurship through its innovative direct selling approach of world class consumer products. Amway India is the country’s leading direct selling FMCG-company which manufactures and sells world-class consumer products. Its business opportunity and all its products are covered by 100% Money Back Guarantee. Amway sources all its products from within India, thereby providing stimulus to the local manufacturing industry.

PRODUCTS • At present, Amway
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Amway are committed to behave at all times in accordance with the ethical practices of the organization. TRUST Building reliability and dependability for self by displaying commitment, honesty, confidentiality and consistency in all actions. TRANSPARENCY Amway will promote a culture of openness and mutual trust by interacting objectively and without underlying personal interests. SERVICE ORIENTATION Amway are committed to serve our customers to fulfill their needs by focusing efforts on discovering and thereby meeting stated and unstated requirements. PARTNERSHIP Amway will collaborate across boundaries and find common ground by sharing ideas and resources, with a wide range of stakeholders. Amway will develop networks and build long term alliances with internal and external customers. RECOGNITION Amway are committed to honor, encourage and support individuals and teams who contribute, through their behavior and actions, to the success of the organization.

Marketing Mix for Amway with specific reference to Product P are …

Marketing decisions generally fall into the following four controllable categories:

• Product • Price • Place (distribution) • Promotion

The term "marketing mix" became popularized after Neil H. Borden

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